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no one is arguing that this

no one is arguing that this is an uphill battle, we're working against the establishment. but it is a battle that must be fought to keep tyranny at bay. nothing is impossible and there is a first time for everything and who knows what will happen from now until then. i guess there is a difference between people who think in absolutes and those that fight for what's right no matter how bad they say our chances are. i believe Ron Paul has a chance to win, it may be slim and may seem impossible but times are changing. you can embrace the change or try to reject it but its coming. again, you keep missing the point that this isn't just the white house, people's hearts and minds are changing. and you can't make a legitimate case for anything because it hasn't happened yet, we'll have to wait and see. crazier things have happened. but we will keep fighting until the end. the end of this election and the end of our lives because our eyes have been opened to the truth. the message is Life, not politics.