Comment: Pay Your Carbon Taxes to Al Gore then

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Pay Your Carbon Taxes to Al Gore then

Shut off your heater and A/C. Get rid of your car. Deindustrialize America and let Agenda 21 world government run everyone off their land. Get rid of property rights. Herd everyone into cites and shut down highway exits. Get the slaves to build an elite railroad system for the elites to ride around in. Humans are the enemy because 1 of the 4 elements of life is carbon, and that's evil. So when they can tax you for breathing they will own life. This is a scam. The 2,600 leaked emails of professors show them trying to cook this up with "hockeystick method", showing melting ice caps. According to these professors who are on the public dole, cars are heating up the earth and melting the ice caps - the same thing happens on Mars. They will expand and contract according to the season. And polar bears out sitting on an island of ice? They do that. They're the most powerful swimming mammels on the planet. Their population has tripled. If Al Gore was so worried about rising oceans, then why did he build his 17 room mansion directly on the Californa shoreline? I realize that public school students were brainwashed with their UNESCO textbooks. The schools have been brainwashing our kids to make them think they are ruining the earth for 30 years. Please make it very clear to your children that they are not ruining the earth! The military industrial complex, chemtrailing, monsanto & other corporations are. And God said, "Be fruitful and multiply".