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My interpretation of how Bill

My interpretation of how Bill Gates would run the government:
1. In a top down way promise that changes will come in the near future which will revolutionize the way things are done.
2. Push the ETA for these changes into the future as you scramble to get some semblance of what's been promised to the people.
3. Present your results and claim that these changes are the ones you have been promising all along and that it will fix everybody's problems.
4. When people rightfully complain that the solutions you've implemented are not working, completely ignore them as if they do not exist.
5. If enough people are still unsatisfied with your solutions conjure up from thin air another plan to solve everybody's problems and convince them they will have to pay for it all over again.
6. If competition springs up to legitimately challenge your solutions crush them with relentless force and use any dirty trick in the book - legal or not - to get the upper hand.

I'm actually a big fan of Windows and Microsoft but I can't help to be a bit critical when it comes to how these Billionaires think they could run the economy better than free markets.

Here is my simple advice about how to "fix capitalism" that I've learned over the years mostly from Dr. Paul. Get the government out of the way of over regulating and picking winners and loosers and instead focus on protecting individual liberties, enforcing contracts, and providing for a stable currency. As far as for companies, do what you do best but expect no special treatment in the eyes of the law!