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Bill Gates is no genuis

Bill Gates was just a preppy rich kid (father had a "business", lawyer background) who himself invented and created nothing.

The DOS operating system was basically pirated technology, which only became something, after the total failure of IBM's PC Jr, only because smart guys at Compaq reversed-engineered the system bus technology, and began remaking "PCs", and also because thanks to Compaq after-market PC Clones were then being made and manufactured out in Japan and China in mass quantities at cheap prices.

It was just a lucky thing that this totally failed product, suddenly was magically reincarnated (by other people) and then became this niche geek toy (no real useful value back then) in spite of being a flop in the intended market place. Various geeks then also created applications using the primative Basic computer language, and then a completely different company Novell Networks made it possible to share files between two PCs.

But Bill Gates himself had nothing to do with any of that evolution. The first versions of Windows were also essentially a pirated concept and UI stolen from Apple (who also stole ideas from Xerox), but yet inferior to Apple, and it sucked (and crashed routinely).

All Gates did was violate Anti-Trust laws, and monopolize the market by forcing PC manufacturers to bundle DOS (and later Windows, and later IE) into their default setups. So everybody just got used to Windows.

So Bill Gates is no technologist, no rocket scientist, and no "inventor" whatsoever. He is just a shaddy business man who recognized the $$ in legally binding manufacturers to bundle his product, which was based on stolen technology, and which also typically sucked in the early days.

To his credit, he did not rest of his laurels but instead continued to build upon his little Empire, and hired a bunch of people to make Windows better and better over time.