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Comment: I hope the effort continues to be to take over the G.O.P.

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I hope the effort continues to be to take over the G.O.P.

Most of the American system is stacked against third parties, but slowly & surely the GOP can be taken - as one shirt I saw in Fort Worth put it - "back to its roots". As Dr. Ron Paul reminds people, his philosophy is the Republicanism of Senator Robert Taft. His antipathy toward preemptive war is commensurate with General & President Dwight D. Eisenhower (...who I guess Santorum would see as "soft on terror", in spite of his WW2 service). His monetary "good as gold" policy is that of Republican President McKinley. His "keep the fruits of your own labor" extreme anti-tax position is that of the first Presidential candidate ever fielded by the Republican Party: John Frémont. Mr. Fremont campaigned for "free soil, free speech, free land, and free men!"

That doesn't sound much like Kelo v. New London, McCain / Feingold, Wickard v. Filburn, or the 16th Amendment does it???