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Mike Lee is a great asset

I was also disappointed when I heard this news... but Mike Lee is one of the only Senators to stand by Rand Paul's budget and publicly endorse it. He was one of only four senators to stand with Rand and promote an amendment to the Defense Authorization bill that would hasten the end of America’s longest war. He was also the ONLY one to team up with Rand and block a small business bill until the Senate voted on the Libya issue.

Mike Lee and Rand Paul are basically teaming up on everything and are fighting against the establishment in lockstep. Why in the world would you try to throw out a senator who is actually with us on everything?? Do you know how amazing it is that we have Mike Lee with us on almost everything? Dan Liljenquist is the one we want to replace Orrin Hatch, and he endorsed Romney. I would argue that this is a minor offense. Especially for a Utahn, where Romney is immensely respected for what he did with the Olympics.

You guys are throwing out everything that Mike Lee actually DOES... those things that will make a difference... which set he apart from the establishment. You are then condemning him for an endorsement (albeit it a poor one). Talk about an irrational knee jerk reaction. You are living in a dream world if you think voting out Mike Lee would get us a clone of Ron Paul. I think he is a great asset in the liberty movement.