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Thank You !

I hope this bell rings off in peoples head around here TODAY so we can shut this whole mess down.

We The People in our COLLECTIVE or PERSONAL capacity have the ability now to walk into court and make our demands and have them enforced by the Sheriff.

The courts are operating off Trust Law, just as the founders intended, but we got brainwashed into believing we were the Trustees of the UNITED STATES Corp, when we are actually the Administrators/Beneficiaries and they (congress/senate/courts) are the PUBLIC TRUSTEES.

They don't hear us because Trustees do not tell Beneficiaries what to do in a corporation, and as soon as we walk into court with a lawsuit or grievance against them, the call our "name" and when we answer, that "contracts" us with the court (acknowledges the courts authority over us) and automatically bumps us into the Trustee position(s) of the Corp.