Comment: This is why they won't follow our demands or hear us in court:

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This is why they won't follow our demands or hear us in court:

ONE PERSON CAN SHUT IT DOWN TODAY If they walk into a court as an Administrator/Beneficiary of the Trust and ask them what the hell they are doing with the wars/taxation criminal actions as PUBLIC TRUSTEES. We are the Administrators in our PERSONAL or COLLECTIVE capacity, we just haven't been exercising our TRUE Constitutional Authority over the Trust aka UNITED STATES Corp.

As soon as we walk in the door and the Judge calls our "name" and we jump up and say "Yes you honor, that is me" ... you just contracted with the court and submitted to it's authority and THAT is what bumps us down to the Trustee position of the UNITED STATES Corp!

We have no standing or right to say anything to them as Trustees of the Corp, but when we walk in the door of the Federal Court and approach the judge as Administrators/Beneficiaries/Executors by appointing him/her as the Trustee, we make the orders; we make our demands met; and we enforce those demands with the County Sheriff.

The Sheriff is there to make sure the demands of the Beneficiaries or carried out by the Trustees.