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I agree, this actually does the job....

Mods, this thing needs to be front paged!

This actually provides the real total solution, and not some phony group started by Tim Turner & the stay puft marshmallow man.

We need to PUT THIS ACTION INTO MOTION, and just flat all start entering the court at once. Because WE are the beneficiaries.

*Don't* claim you're with anyone, don't read the certificate off, tear it up or anything else. Flat tell them to start with, "The name is not what's important here" and then say "In this jurisdiction, I am the Beneficiary and do not consent."

IN THIS JURISDICTION, YOU(WE) ARE THE BENEFICIARY AND DO NOT CONSENT. Thus you will now listen to me, by virtue of the Law I demand that you accept receipt of this Trust (hold up Certificate) for being the only legalized Beneficiary and you can start by acceding to my demands, one by one.

First, begin arresting members of Congress and serving them with an indictment notice, secondly, start arresting each of the Bankers, thirdly, we will follow you to ensure the Beneficiary IS SERVED.
*Cock back your taser rifle & be afraid of nothing*

Brilliant fact. The "Trust" account is all a FRAUD which DOES NOT EXIST, except to name the Beneficiaries to that trust. Now you're cornered, now arrest anyone else who does not agree to the terms specified under that "Trust" as it shows right here in bold writing. Finally, at this juncture you can arrest George Soros and keep him in the tank for more than two days while your state legislatures pass the competing currency act which breaks the monopoly. Gold/silver now returning, means the Judicial system returns as well and if we televise this in Courts across the country their standing=toast.