Comment: "Constitutional Guarantees"

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"Constitutional Guarantees"

"Constitutional Guarantees" seems to be the better way to describe it, both in terms of accuracy as well as educating people.

This more accurately reflects the fact that our rights come from our Creator (as specified in the Declaration of Independence, which is law as adopted into law by the first act of Congress) and the governments role is simply to protect / guarantee those rights.

In addition, the term "Creator" does not need to cause a philosophical issue for atheists or agnostics. The Declaration specifies "their Creator," meaning that your rights come from whatever it is that you consider to be your Creator. If your belief is that your Creator was biologic reproduction then your rights come to you through that way, by your humanity. The point of all this, and I believe of the founders, is that this keeps the issuance of inalienable rights out of the hands of government.