Comment: Actually it's a Beautifully Devised Scam if you think about it.

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Actually it's a Beautifully Devised Scam if you think about it.

Allow me the Liberty of laying out for those who don't understand:

The Founders (inspired by God) drew up a Trust Agreement (US Constitution) that made the people the Beneficiaries of the Trust and anyone who wanted to be elected officials had to sign the Oaths of Affirmation agreeing to the terms of the contract (Trust) which made them Trustees of the Trust Agreement.

We know they are the Trustees because we can see from the videos above, they get really mad when someone who knows what they're doing walks into court and appoints the judge as the Trustee right off the bat, so the judge (public trustee) doesn't take it upon himself to presume he/she (the judge) is the actual Administrator of the Estate they are bringing you into court for.

You see, there's TWO Constitutions; one for the living people "The Constitution (for) the united States, and the other one: The Constitution (of) the UNITED STATES for the dead :)

Could be the other way around, I don't feel like chasing it down.

One of those Constitutions is for the Corporation and all it's employees; that is the one they are using to pull the dead people on the birth certificates in under their authority by deceit and fraud.

That birth certificate is proof there is and Estate, they've just hidden from us. That Estate is a Treasury Direct Account in our names that's supposed to pay off all our public debt from HJR-192.They stole our gold and had to give us a remedy; and the did; they just forgot to tell us about it (wink-wink). our remedy was that all public debt was pre-paid in advance (cars, homes, utilities etc.)

But the greedy boogers wanted that money too, so they hid that from us, you see? That's why some people have success with the A4V process, etc. The account is there, they just don't want us to find out about it.

All these people getting thrown out on the street because they can't make a payment on a house that they paid off with their promissory note/signature which actually created the money in the first place.

So then, to add injury to insult; the bank tricks you into paying a 30 year note at 6%; payments of $1500.00/month on a house you paid off the second you signed the note.

Explained here:

Source of pdf is here ...

Okay, back to the main discussion:

Trustees own legal title of the Trust property, but Beneficiaries have "equitable" title to the Trust property. This is known as separation of control and ownership.

The Founders wanted to form a government of, for, and by the people. The people were the BOSS, and the government employees (elected officials, judges, congressman, etc.) were the SLAVES to the people, that's why the document is drawn up the way it is: The Trustees have NO power, they are just there to make sure all instructions in the document were followed to a "T" and if anyone ever tried to do anything against the WILL of the people wishes (IRS,DEA,CIA,PSS,CPC, Wars, etc.)the people still reserved all the equitable title to the Trust agreement, there for they could kick the varmints out.

Well, somewhere along the way once upon a time (1933) someone didn't like the people having all this authority and control, so they devised a little scheme to get around that pesky Constitution.

So, what they did is picked up the old CESTUI QUI VIE Act 1666 where it left off and started issuing these shiny new birth certificates. What the people didn't know is the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH was proof of an Estate. The reason we know there is an Estate, is because there is a Registrars Seal embossed on the document, and a Registrar is the Court of Probate, and Probate only deals with Estates of the dead.

Are you dead? Apparently you are, they sure are treating you as such.

Now they trick our mother into signing her little precious joy away by having her sign her "Maiden" name on the document, handing over total control of the future labor of the little rascal over to their new Daddy ... BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!

I think Patrick Devine is saying our remedy is now hidden in the "Ship Mortgage Act of 1920" found in section 30 aka "The Merchant Marine Act of 1920" aka "Public Law 261.

He says by filing some paperwork you are Resurrection'd from the DEAD in 3 days and take back ownership of the name.

I don't know if all that is necessary though; we don't need to jump through a bunch of hoops to get out of the fraud. All we have to do is stand up in the courts of the dead and assert our proper authority as the Beneficiaries of the Trust.

See, they couldn't take over our souls and labor with the all the provisions in the original Constitution, and they could never get the living/breathing people to go along with it, so they devised a scheme that made us all a bunch of fictitious corporate entities (name on birth certificate) and sucked us into their nice new corporate UNITED STATES, but the one thing they never thought we'd figure out, was that the birth certificate is on bond paper; there is Registrars Seal proving it's dead, and there are a series of numbers on the front or back that are actually numbers that ties the bond into which ever branch of the Federal Reserve bank you were born closest too.

The number on the Social Security card somehow ties you to the Fed Bank as well.

When you signed the Social Security card or when you turned 18 or of legal age, they put a Maritime Lien on the vessel (the dead you on the birth certificate) so they would maintain total control over their fictitious slaves and use that document to trick us into other adhesion contracts like the Drivers License, etc.

Rod Class, David Clarence, Patrick Devine and a few others have figured out the scheme, but it wasn't until now that the truth came out about the Trustees masquerading as Beneficiaries and doing what ever they damn well please with our country.

Now you know why the Gov't claims to own all this land and water; why they are pillaging the Treasury; starting wars, stealing our money (IRS) and throwing us in prison, etc. Because they never thought the people would actually discover the fact that pesky Constitution was a Trust agreement; still is a Trust agreement that makes the people the Beneficiaries and the elected slaves the Trustees.

Yep, it was the old switcharoo!

And they've been tricking everyone in the country every since, into showing up in their courts and getting raped by their BS corporate/fictitious entity UNITED STATES, and the people never knew their government was usurped by a bunch a greedy Trustees who didn't like the original arrangement and figured out a way to take our power by making us believe (the living people) that we were the DEAD corporate entity our Mothers unknowingly signed away with her Maiden name on that fictitious/dead birth certificate.

You're walking into court and as soon as you get there, the judge calls out that name on the birth certificate and you jump up and down waiving your hand saying "ME ME ME, That's ME Your Honor" and that's where they gotcha! You just agreed that dead/fictitious person on the birth certificate was the living-breathing YOU. That's how they trick you from coming from the "living" side of life where you are the Beneficiary of the Trust, over to the "dead" side of life where they (UNITED STATES Corp.) is the supposed Beneficiary and you are the unknowing Trustee/Slave.

Fraud is Fraud; we need to wake the hell up and set the record straight and shut this monster down, quick!

Now it's our turn to throw some criminals in prison!

It's a whole new ball game now, let the chips fall where they may.

Question: When they summons you to show up in their FICTITIOUS court of the "dead", and you show up, isn't that just admitting they have jurisdiction and authority over you by the very act that you showed up in the first place?

That's why these judges go Ape $hit crazy when someone who knows the con shows up and immediately refuses to contract by answering the "name" and says "The name doesn't matter, it's the roles we're playing here that's important" ... Are you (the judge) a public servant? Did you take an Oath? If so, I'm sorry to tell you judge, but I'm appointing you as the Trustee of this "dead" fictitious person you think you're talking to, and now I've got one question for you: Why am I here? And who in this room has my written authority to Administer this Estate?

Your proof that you're the Occupant of the Office of Executor to the Estate, is your sole/legal ability to get a certified copy of the CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH without a court order.

You don't own the Estate; it's theirs; they created it; but you are the Beneficiary of it. You own nothing, but control EVERYTHING!

Now all we have to do is start a lawsuit or several hundred as the Beneficiaries of the (E)STATE/Trust and show up in court with the Sheriff and make the Trustees (judge) address our grievances and if he/she decides they want to play the "You Don't Have Standing Game", we'll have our proof in hand; and that proof is our very own CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH :)

We've got them anyway they move; if they want to play on the Corp US side, fine; if they want to play on the original Constitutional/Trust side, fine ........ Check Mate!

Game on!

Boy are the Moderators of this forum going feel like burying their head in the sand when they finally have that OH-CRAP moment and the light goes off.

It won't be OFF TOPIC for long ... LOL