Comment: Does anyone realize the significance of this Revelation?

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Does anyone realize the significance of this Revelation?

If I'm not mistaken, now that we know the sham, if the Congress Critters are bringing Un CONstitutional bills to the floor and creating all these BS laws against our will, don't we now have standing as Beneficiaries of the Trust to impose all the punishments granted in the Constitution for treason and trickery against us?

Um, can't the county Sheriff enforce the wishes of the Beneficiaries upon the Trustees?

That's what they've been doing to us all these years "Sheriff Arrest This Man" or the "Sheriffs showing up at peoples houses and evicting them" because the pretend Beneficiaries told them too? How do Trustees have control over the Sheriff?

I mean they took the oath and swore they would follow the rules and protect the demands laid out in the Trust agreement before they took their jobs as PUBLIC TRUSTEES, does that mean anything?

This whole thing is just so logical it's scary. These bastards just switched places with us and we never knew it happened ... LOL

That's why they've created all these BS Alphabet Soup Agencies, because they were acting as the Beneficiaries of the Trust and us unsuspecting REAL Beneficiaries were treated like the Servant Trustees and never seen what happened.

You know the worst part?

The truth was carved in all those buildings and monuments in DC and every state capitol around the nation, it reads like this:

"In God We Trust"

The Holy Trinity! We are the Beneficiaries of the Last Living Will and Testament of God himself, the Holy Bible, rooted in Trust Law.

Executor-Beneficiary-Trustee = God-We The People-Government

It is Brilliant, and we never seen the "writing on the wall"

In God We Trust, the Founders set the whole thing up as a Trust so what we have now would NEVER happen, and the swindlers ended up tricking us anyway.

People, read the comments below too, there is a lot of good supportive information in them.

God Bless, we've got work to do!