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So Far

We have taken 13 delegates in Colorado, 10/12 so far in Minnesota as of this weekend, and 1 delegate in Wyoming.

We also took 6 delegates in Oklahoma, 1 in Wisconsin, and at least 1 in Georgia so far even though they are bound to other candidates.

It looks like we'll continue to take national delegates in Minnesota, then take Iowa and Missouri's national delegates as well. I'm also hopeful that Maine and Washington will swing our way.

Nevada it looks like the Ron Paul campaign will fill ALL the delegate spots, even though most will be bound to other candidates. Alaska might do something similar.

But right now I'm projecting maybe 200-220 delegates from the states so far, maybe 250 AT LEAST including those bound for other candidates. We really won't know until the National Convention, which hopefully I will be attending (I'll find out at my State Convention Saturday, let's hope for the best).