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RP2008 website

The debt clock is a great idea. Perhaps right under it some bullet points about Dr. Paul's voting record as it relates to the debt, some quotes from him on the debt and federal spending, or a link to material explaining his positions.
Would it be improper to have a link to Dr. Paul's Texas Straight Talk archive? Anyone who wants to know what makes Ron Paul tick can find plenty of material there: Ten years worth of consistent stands for liberty, economic freedom and limited government. I always start my week with a visit to to read the latest column, and when I tell people about Dr. Paul I always direct them there first. I'm assuming this site is at least partly paid for with tax money, so maybe linking to it from RP2008 would be a no-no.
My degree is in print journalism and I'm continually amazed at the cluttered crap I see on the web. In that respect, RP2008 is quite good. Definitely keep it simple. Content, content, content!
When it comes to issues, the most important thing is to be positive. Unfortunately, nowadays when a voter asks, "What is your position on problem X?" what he really means is, "How is my daddy, the federal government, going to fix problem X?" If a typical voter were to ask me questions right now about three "important" domestic issues, my answers probably would be:
1) That's none of the federal government's business.
2) That's none of the federal government's business.
3) That's none of the federal government's business.
Even with the Constitution on our side, negativity like that won't sell, because people will just assume a lack of "compassion" and close their ears. The challenge is to explain how liberty and adherence to the Constitution offer infinitely more hope than the central planning touted by demagogues, Democrat and Republican alike. On the few occasions I've seen Dr. Paul on TV he's done a great job at this. I hope the site will get the message out that the founders have given us an excellent plan and we'll all be better off if voters start requiring Congress and the president to follow it.