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Comment: A peace officer's life is in danger....

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A peace officer's life is in danger....

...every time s/he violates someone's rights. If they uphold their oath there is NO DANGER or let's put it this way - they'd have a better chance of being struck by lightning then being harmed while on duty... there is virtually no actual crime. Murder, rape, theft - that's all they'd have to be dealing with - which is like what? 5% of all the present "crime" they have to deal with... if that?

I'm non-violent - and I know I can defend myself in court so I'm not concerned with handcuffs because I know how to file a criminal complaint for human trafficking. I also know about misprison of felony. If you are a peace officer and your superior officer is violating his oath or ordering you to do so - that is MISPRISON of FELONY.

Any two peace officers can sign/notarize an affidavit that their superior officer is violating his oath of office - and he will be REMOVED from office.

Contact me and I'll be HAPPY to walk you through it.

Folks like me are trying to save their lives by attempting to communicate the fact that there is a rising tide of millions of Americans that actually read the constitution.

The problem comes when the Jerry Kane's of the world have reached their last straw and have had their rights violated over and over and then potentially good peace officers get killed in the line of duty. Then 60 minutes (cabal controlled) starts drooling because they have another example of why peace officers should be TERRIFIED of everyone they come in contact with = itchy trigger fingers.

We're coming to a head here... there's a lot less emotionally stable people who are going to lose their sh*t when they find out what has been done to them... by the BARflies.

Freedom of speech was specifically put into the bill of rights to prevent violence WHICH IS WHY the CABAL wants to take it away. They are trying to create a powder keg.

When someone starts venting society is supposed to sit up and take notice and realize there is a problem which must be corrected before people start getting hurt.

I'm very concerned for both the people and the peace officers who are TRAINED TO VIOLATE people's rights by KNOWINGLY CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS like the SPLC that has been caught lying more times then you've changed your underwear... these guys can send a fax to every local PD which is TAKEN AS FACT.

Peace officers are trained to believe there are terrorists around every corner - they are trained to fear the people - it's all part of the de-population agenda. As soon as peace officers start standing up and refusing to follow unlawful orders and communicating more with the public we will have our Liberty back and our freedom will be ensured.

FYI - there is NOTHING in the constitution which authorizes a WAR ON DRUGS which is a WAR ON THE PEOPLE. Please - STOP WAGING IT!