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Comment: A Concern But Found Out What Happened

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A Concern But Found Out What Happened

Hi, Michael. Maybe this is the correct way to reach you. Have tried other venues, so please disregard prior messages. Someone created a post that was credited to my account that I did not write. I do not wish to over react, but am very concerned about someone's ability to do that. The name of the article I did not write is "Romney's "I.O.U." to the U.S". It has gotten a few up-votes, but I did not write it! Thank you for your attention to this, and for all of the other good things you do.

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Found the problem and it is on this end. Someone here used my computer and didn't tell me. This has never happened to me before so I didn't suspect it. You can bet I set them straight! Sorry to have bothered you~Fed