Comment: YouTube Ads?

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YouTube Ads?

My original thought was to make these into youtube ads that play before the videos.. They're short, and fast paced enough to hopefully keep peoples attention, and not skip them.. but TV would be REALLY COOL too!

I'm blown away by the response tho.. 2 videos that were both on the front page of the daily paul at the same time.. it's an honor for sure. :D (although round 1 has slipped off now.)

If anyone is interested in seeing these ran as ads (youtube, or TV) let me know.. I'm sure we could do a chip in, or something to make it happen.

I have 1 more that I'm going to do tonight, or possibly tomorrow morning, but I won't be able to do anymore until next week sometime... Headed out of town.

Thanks again to everyone. Thanks for the great comments, and thanks for sharing!