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not completely full, but very close

There were a few empty seats strewn throughout the bleachers but there was a large group standing at ground level taking up around 3/5ths of the available space. So there were a few spare seats and maybe standing room for a couple hundred more. The place was still pretty packed, I'd estimate there was easily at least 1,500-2,000 people. Probably more but I don't want to overinflate my numbers so I'll keep them on the low-end. Before people were seated I overheard an organizer say there was 2,000+ people who signed up for the early voucher alone.
Great event by the way. It was my first time seeing Dr. Paul speak in person and he did not disappoint. Very diverse age demographic, very good crowd. My non-Paul related highlights were seeing a police officer clap heavily when Dr. Paul said he wants to be the first President to remove 40,000 laws from the books, seeing an elderly woman in a wheelchair rolled in by her husband, and a little kid telling his mom he didn't need to get a sweatshirt because he had already ordered one from the website.

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