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Anyhow just got back from the

Anyhow just got back from the Ron Paul rally at URI. I passed out about 500 "vote for me as delegate!!!!!" postcards. There was probably 2000+ people there. I brought the kids and the by now infamous Fox Watching Uncle (aka FWU) and one of the kid's friends (and mom) whose dad is in Afghanistan for the 2nd time.

Everyone was pretty impressed - especially FWU. He said, "you never really get to hear what Ron has to say on TV. They only show clips. This was good. He certainly knows his stuff." MISSION ACCOMPLISHED I got FWU to actually consider that Ron Paul was not a Jew hating, isolationist, 9-11 Truther, KKK and/or militia member, who wants to kill the elderly by shutting off Social Security while conversely killing the young by not defending Israel.

Of course, I would not be surprised to find FWU voting for Romney based solely upon his "electability". BUT at the very least bringing him cleared up a lot of misconceptions. AND he saw a very large crowd of people going absolutely ape-sh*t for Ron Paul. That, he was not expecting. At all. I'm proud of him for coming with me. And I am sooooo PROUD OF RHODE ISLAND!!!