Comment: UPDATE: I can't edit my original post, but wanted to add:

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UPDATE: I can't edit my original post, but wanted to add:

Perhaps instead of jumping through all these hoops and fighting the IRS with so called "frivolous" and "ridiculous" arguments as they call them, perhaps we should take a simpler approach?

When they say you owe, if you do owe according to their guidelines and USC Title 26 ss 6331:Section A, as listed in the original post, then by all my all means, do the right thing and pay the taxes owed.

But for those of us who are NOT qualified in USC Title 26 ss 6331:Section A, perhaps a simple "rebuttal" of their "presumptions" is the key?

If they claim you owe the tax, and you believe otherwise, maybe you should ask them to prove up their claim instead?

I mean wouldn't they have proof on file that at the time you made whatever money they say you owe taxes on, that you were actually "employed" as a government agent/employee?

Were you performing a gov't task; running gov't errands; operating in the capacity as a gov't agent, etc. at the time you made those funds?

Is running down and filing a 1040 just admitting under penalty of perjury that you made all that money that year operating as a government agent/employee?

I wonder if rebutting the so called "presumption" affidavit style through Registered Mail might help set the record straight on who "IS" and who "ISN'T" a government employee liable for the tax in their own code?

Surely if the so called "tax protesters" were really liable for the income tax, the government/IRS would have some type of proof of employment, right?

Maybe a few receipts proving you made that money while performing government duties?

Is our own ignorance and willingness to do the "Patriotic" thing what's actually destroying us?

And if they do absolutely insist that you are liable for that tax and you are a government employee as outlined in the USC above, and you've never received a gov't check from them, do we have a labor dispute to settle here?

I mean no one can force you to work for free right?

If they claim you owe the tax, then surely they have some sort of receipt or proof of payment, showing they DID pay you to perform gov't functions at the time you received that payment, right?

I wonder if "presumptions" of employment by gov't is something we should start "rebutting"?

Each his own, not legal advise, just food for thought.

Peace and God Bless.