Comment: Well....I actually agree with Gergen here

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Well....I actually agree with Gergen here

Even though I despise David Gergen as a political hack, Warmonger, and Bohemian Club psychopath, I actually agree with the point Gergen makes here:

The great inequity of our society is not that the filthy rich people are abused too much by high taxes. The great inequity is that the current system allows the rich and powerful to escape paying taxes altogether, (Exxon-Mobile for example, which made $300 Billion in profits and pays zero in taxes) -- while putting all the real tax burden on the backs of the middle-class and the poor (through regressive taxes, fees, and tolls, plus our Court/Legal system).

We have a Country where the poor get poorer by the day, the rich get richer, the poverty rate gets larger, and the gap between the CEOs and the "workers" gets wider and wider. The standard of living for most all Americans has gone down, by the current system.

So clearly the problem is not that the wealthy rich people are mistreated and having their money stolen to pay for the poor. That is a fiction, and a fantasy that just doesn't exist in America (which is on its way to becoming a third-world nation).

The truth is the most all of us are getting our money stolen to line the pockets of filthy-rich Bankers, Goldman Sachs executives, Wall-Street, Foreign Banks, Foreign Governments, War Contractors, etc. And the poor get terribly screwed and find what little "benefits" they thought they had get either totally stripped away or put first on the chopping-block, while the Rich people are always protected, and get all the real government welfare, the tax breaks, and legal system rules made in their favor -- to Protect them, and them alone.

Simply put the wealthy top 1% get all the breaks, and the rest of society is robbed blind.

So complaining about the plight of the rich people is not the answer here.


There is one set of rules in place for for the rich and powerful, and another completely different set for the masses. America is an Oligarchy, and a Fascist Corporatocrasy that serves only the rich.