Comment: Monopolies should be prevented

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Monopolies should be prevented

It has a lot to do with the Income tax because all those 400,000 pages of crap are not meant for you and I -- it is designed to protect rich elite people from paying taxes (while the masses carry almost all of the burden).

I agree in principal that there should be no tax on labor, but until we stop wasting Trillions of dollars overseas, and we stop handing out Corporate Welfare to Billionaires ... that won't ever happen. But the existing Tax system is totally unfair for Main Street -- and designed only for Wall Street and the Mega-Rich. That's the inequity.

And Monopolies are a bad thing, that repesents not "free-market" rules -- but a Corporate Aristocracy which starves out competition.

Monopolies should be prevented. Corporate consolidation should be prevented. This is exactly what creates an Orwellian 1% elite super-structure.

Monopolies always produce less choice for consumers, and higher prices with less service.

And the day is coming when Monopolies will assure that only the rich will get high-speed Internet, and the poorer people won't get access to the same information.

You don't want Monopolies.
They should be prevented by Government (because Capitalism by itself does not do this).

Exxon-Mobile is not your friend, neither is Haliburton, neither is Comcast.