Comment: I appreciate this style and method of exposing hypocrits.

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I appreciate this style and method of exposing hypocrits.

It's natural that many of those being interviewed by Jan, will squirm and dodge the big question, by giving very slippery answers.

Is it it really that hard for them to just come out and say "yes I'm against redistribution in theory, but not in practice."

Is it really that hard? They are so afraid of being honest. These interviews go the way they go, because the person being interviewed twists and contorts to avoid the truth. Most of those interviewed are hypocrites or spineless establishment mouthpieces.

What might help some viewers is if Jan interviews a few honest, and consistent individuals, who don't talk like politicians, so that we can see examples of someone speaking candidly and honestly, while remaining consistent.

It would be fun to contrast side by side, the slick talking inconsistent hypocrites with a few intellectually honest, and consistently principled individuals.

For example, Jan could interview Tom Woods, and then we could see side by side, the snakes dodging like David Gergen, while a philosophically consistent Tom Woods would answer forthrightly.