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Comment: Can u remove one word?

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Can u remove one word?

where it says

ron pauls still running..and winning!"

take out "STILL" as it leaves some mindset that he
might have dropped out and returned

make it just



leaves no doubt and no niche for speculating in todays
mentally programmed masses to think in opposing mode to all inputs

It becomes a slogan that could be used on Tees and Banners

it casts a mind image of him running as a nominee AND winning
which is NOT a mental image the masses have yet grokked

IMAGE is everything
people are no longer going to read lont intellectual tomes to help make decisions

its ALL in the first image they see as THATS the one the embed

Not trying to burst your plan but I have had some experience writing ad copy and have seen the subtle changes in two generations

pierce the first mental screen and its YOUR message that gets carried and even shared with no cost to you.