Comment: Alex Jones = good information -bad opininions

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Alex Jones = good information -bad opininions

I have listened to Alex Jones for years.
Since infowars was a small amateur site.

The information is good but form your own opinions.
Do NOT listen to Alex's opinions on political races.
As soon as a true liberty-loving patriot gets close to
possibly winning a position Alex will
throw them under the bus.
Alex Jones desperately wanted Ron Paul to run,
but then almost immediately became
a pessimistic thorn in the campaign's side.
And that's all he still is to Ron Paul.
Don't listen to AJ's opinions about
Ron Paul's chances or anyone else's chances ever again.
listen to the info but as soon as he talks
about someone's chances or he starts running
down any libertarian, just blot him out.
I don't think Alex Jones wants any libertarian
politician to actually win.