Comment: [NY] State starting to sell prison superintendent digs. Mansion.

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[NY] State starting to sell prison superintendent digs. Mansion.

ALBANY -- The stately brick house once occupied by the superintendent of New York's oldest prison will soon go on the block.

With eight bedrooms, six baths, an attached gazebo and a detached barn-size garage, the three-story house affiliated with Auburn Correctional Facility is appraised at $366,500. One of nearly a dozen now-vacant state-owned homes for prison wardens, it will be the first up for sale, with others expected to follow.

The Auburn house has extra curb appeal, standing four blocks away from its [Auburn] maximum-security prison, whereas some others have an immediate view of high walls, barred windows and razor wire.

"It was always well kept. It was actually kind of neat when you were a youngster seeing correctional facility employees, basically inmates, manicuring the lawn or shoveling snow," Mayor Michael Quill said Wednesday. "They never bothered us, but we were scared to death because they were inmates." ...

Five superintendents' residences are occupied by superintendents at biweekly rental rates ranging from $326.38 at Mohawk prison to $593.20 at Fishkill. Five others are rented by other prison staff. One serves as a day care center and another is a business office.

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