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GMO, DU, nuke weapons, what can possibly go wrong?

No, really. Thank you sir, may I have another!

I'm not sure how aware you are of the almost irreversibility of certain tech, once unleashed into the biosphere, or aware of the overall larger eugenics agenda at play here by the Ruling Class.

Now there some here and many libertarians who believe that corporatists naturally 'get out of control,' and their eugenics agenda is not an agenda, but solely out of misguided profit motive, and has nothing to do with a conspiracy, per se.

Well, since most don't think in these terms, however please ponder upon this: consider how the slave owners may view you.

If you're the owner(s) of a large transnational corporation that has over 100,000+ to 2,000,000+ employees, and have annual revenue exceeding GDP of about 100 nations, COMBINED, what your organization decide to do, in fact, is de facto dictating the policies of those nations in which they operate in.

And, these people are not stupid.

They have actuarians run cost/benefit analysis for a reason; as in they run numbers to see whether settling and/or paying fines for whatever 'violation' they maybe charged with, than to admit mistake or change the nature of, ingredients of, the process of how their products work and/or are manufactured, etc.

Now, for instance, if you're Monsanto, and know how harmful your products are, so much so that they will not offer their own products in their own company's cafeteria, any nominally intelligent person should be able to conclude that the company is only doing it, BECAUSE they ALREADY know how harmful their own products are.

And, knowing this, Monsanto STILL sells their crap, worldwide. And continue to unaccountably release their products into the biosphere unlabeled. Their products are GMO that WILL mutate, destroy, and/or irrevocably harm your very genetic make up, and continue to do so. That is not up for debate, as they're proven FACTS.

One would have to be an absolutely lobotomized imbecile to NOT think it's by intention. Aka, a real conspiracy fact.

So yeah, what can possibly go wrong?

It's not called being "afraid," it's called being alert, aware, and vigilant. Tell me, should I NOT care about the Wall St. Bankster hijacked Corporatist Govt Terrorists' Federal Reserve Fiat monetary system, once I find out about it?

Same logic. Once you know, You know.

If one wants to willfully ignore the ramifications, that is of course entirely up to you, as well.

But frankly, I would think one would know better than to not see the obvious, when these technologies are pushed forth, by questionable characters, receiving funding from questionable organizations & individuals.

If you researched all the links included in the thread, and still come to a conclusion that all this maybe 'benign' it'd be one thing. Well... I'd gleefully chide ya anyway! .D LOL

So, I'd highly recommend you research some of the following topics, and make up your own mind:


IBM and Eugenics

Eugenics in America & UK

Dangers of Nano Biotech

After which if you still conclude that all of these techs are inherently benign, you know like Depleted Uranium, then I would be sad, but leave you be, with your own conclusions.

But regardless: please, take the time to inform yourself first.

If you've already taken the Red Pill 1, for your Federal Reserve ailments, time to take Red Pill 2, against the eugenics agenda.

PS. Oh, by the way I don't get "angry," just verbally acidic, from time to time.oD

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul