Comment: I kind of like this...

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I kind of like this...

...don't get comfortable with a hosting gig, Paul. They're trying to butter you up with an anchor spot.

Well, that's what I would think if they didn't seem to really like him. They have him on all the time. Hit 'em hard.

He'll be like Peter S. Everyone will go around the horn:

(1) Anchor 1: "Yeah, the market is great. Housing is recovering. I think we're out of the doldrums."

(2) Anchor 2: "Yeah, I agree, this market has seen its inflection point. We're on the way up."

(3) Ron Paul: "We haven't seen anything yet. We're in a bond bubble. Once that bursts, watch out. Have your water and guns ready because there are going to be a lot of people looking for food and shelter."