Comment: that will be easy. If people

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that will be easy. If people

that will be easy. If people are asked; 'Who do you want to be president?' and they say X and than go home than those people have voted only in a straw poll. If the people that stay and start the actual caucus process all say; we want Y for president and here are the delegates that will vote for Y at the next caucus level.

That way the straw poll will not reflect 'the will of the people'. But that is not incorrect. The will of the people is not meant to be represented by straw poll in a caucus. It is to be represented by those that actively participate. So, that is where Paul wins and gets his delegates from.

The impression that Paul gets 5 delegates in Nevada stems from media. If you search the Daily Paul for Nevada county conventions a different picture will appear (if those posts aren't removed to conceal names/numbers)

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