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I understand what you're saying, but ...

What they are doing is "presuming" us into employment by sending us a copy of the Certificate of Live Birth; it's like your very own Gov't ID badge, and we are adopting that "name" on the b/c as our own, not every really knowing who WE ARE.

When you send in the 1040 you are telling them that "all the money you've made that year", was made while "performing/operating in an official gov't capacity as the "name" on the ss card or b/certificate.

There are 2 sides of this: On the left, there's the "real you", your first name (ie: Johnnie), that's it, and/or the surname. This is the Constitutional side, still in full force and effect if you know how to stay on that side; the natural/civil side. This side they can NOT tax your income on, unless you let them "presume" otherwise.

Then there's the "presumed" gov't owned/employee'd side that's unknowingly adopted the "name" they sent you on the copy of the b/c, which is JOHN P. DOE or John P. Doe (doesn't matter) which falls under the statutes/rules/regulations/taxes, etc. of the corp side aka UNITED STATES, and on that side you are the beneficiary of the Trust agreement (birth certificate), but quickly get bumped to the Trustee position by contracting with the court, or not rebutting their presumptions that is you, and you made that money operating in the capacity of a gov't employee, officer, etc.

This is so simple once you figure out what's actually going on. We still have our "Constitutional Rights" as Kings on OUR land; they have no control over your life if you know WHO you really are.

They can't tax the "real" you, but they can do any thing they damn well please to the other "YOU", and they are operating 100% off of "presumptions" that you are one of their employees.

Everyone in this country needs to watch this seminar, it's very revealing as to what's actually happening.

Part 1 ...
Part 2 ...
Part 3 ...

Here's the gist of it: The Queen has figured out a way to "presume" everyone back into captivity/control/taxable, etc. by this little program of sending out birth certificates (splitting the title) and we've unknowingly adopted that "name" and are running around town as full time foreign gov't employees with no right to b*tch or complain about taxes, especially if you're enjoying the employment benefits "they" are providing.

Or, you can rebut their "presumptions" that you are one of "theirs", and ask them to prove you were making your money while operating as one of "their" employees.

When you send in that 1040 every year, you're just flat a$$ coming out and admitting all that money you made that year, you made as one of "their" gov't employees.

We are living in the Land of "Presumptions", that's it; that's where all their power lies, in "presumptions".

They can not tax/imprison, etc (not legally anyway) the "real" you, who is still protected by the God given, Constitutional rights side of the equation, if they do, you've got retribution coming $$$.