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Same story here

And I'm going to state.

Boy was Pete Olson ever a cornball. First they made a bunch of Romney-dog wisecracks in his introduction, then he promptly said Romney was the nominee and then said we should be a country that uses lethal force and the world should live in fear of us. I'm no pacifist but whatever happened to "speak softly..." And that's the horsefeces I actually listened to. No telling what he said when I was tuned out. Well it was my first GOP convention and I wasn't impressed by the cheer leading of big govt. The vibe still is that neo-cons think rule by man is fine and dandy as long as it's them in charge. We will change that.

Also it looks like Cruz is the Liberty candidate at least he has Rand Paul's endorsement. I also heard he doesn't run with the "get along gang" like our other wonderful Senators from TX do. The guy at the convention who endorsed the Lt Gov (career politician) pretty much said he's smarter than you so you should vote for him. Seemed kind of arrogant to me.