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I think, maybe...

Is Reince Priebus a closet Ron Paul fan? If you take a look at the wikipedia page on him, he's only 40 yrs old. He speaks in very vague terms in the quotes, that resemble what I would say if I were running for a delegate position. He also won RNC chairman after the 7th ballot.

He brought the RNC out of ~$24 million in debt, and in to the green with ~$6 million on hand. That kind of financial gusto made me write this post.

The way he handled himself in that interview made me see something in him. I may be wrong, he may be a Gingrich supporter, or a prior candidate supporter...but he mentioned Paul first and stumbled with Gingrich's name the second time he mentioned it, as if he remembered he better say it or it would be too obvious.

Maybe I'm reading too much in to this...but this guy seems like our friend. Check it out for yourself: