Comment: That all sounds very nice, but...

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That all sounds very nice, but...

Anyone who makes a salary say of $500.000 or more per year is not a 9-5 clock puncher. They usually own and have built their own businesses and operations, many times from scratch such as Bill Gates. So the first reality is to understand and accept it that the end user of all products and services are paying all the costs of bringing them to the point of purchase. Every cost, from start to finish(sale) is incorporated in its purchase price. If you do not accept this fact, you need to brain surgery!
Now, whether you are a hourly wage earner or a company owner or executive, everything that is paid out is considered the "cost" of doing business. Whether it is the "cost" of raw materials or machines or unemployment insurance or utilities or salaries or company yachts, regulatory compliance, local, state or federal tax burdens, the total of costs is spread out and included in the selling price of whatever the company markets. I am not listing many other "costs" that I could easily list here! Have you ever owned a business? Made a payroll? Hired and fired employees? Been fined by "regulators"?
Once all the "costs" to produce the widget is determined, it is then marked up to recover the "cost" plus some amount of profit that adds to the company's cash on hand position or after-tax "net profit". If a person earning a high salary has his net pay reduced by a tax increase, he/she will respond by asking for & often getting a pay increase sufficient to offset his/her reduction in net take home pay. This increased amount is now a higher "cost" to the business and the products it produces. The price of the products or services they offer is then raised to preserve the after-tax profits of the company. The end user pays higher prices at the point of sale. So once again, the end user pays all costs of all products or services in the market.
Here is the reality that no one seems willing to face: companies do not pay taxes. They are really "tax forwarders". The buyer of a car for instance, pays all the state, local, federal, Medicaid, SSI, Medicare with-holdings of every employee that had ANYTHING to do with making that automobile. It's real simple, got it?
It has been said there are 128 taxes on a loaf of bread, maybe more by now. I'm surprised loafs aren't $5.00 or more for the cheapest loafs.
To raise taxes on anyone or any entity in business is to raise the price of everything we buy. Do you really think that if Exxon's taxes are raised that we won't pay more for a gallon of gas?
The emotional appeal of "let's make the rich pay their fair share" is a total joke on the fools that believe such a goal is possible than on paper. It's just a "feel good" story. Twilight Zone BS! It is nothing but the ruse used by collectivist and marxists to get the "people" behind milking billions more revenue from end users to fuel government's never ending appetite for more and more and then still more! As the government steals the productive wealth from the private sector it makes more wards of the state. It points to "needs" for it to do more to "help", in this or that area, while the private sector scrambles to recover its lifeblood(capital), remain competitive and stay in business. With taxes going up and the value of our currency going down, prices we pay for things have little choice but to go up. The middle and lower classes are then squeezed ever harder because they cannot as easily get raises to cover the higher costs of buying the products they used to buy often. They have to sell their homes and rent or by a trailer, get roommates or move back home, etc. All bad signs of too much government overhead that, if not fixed soon will collapse the system and then it gets REAL ugly!!!
The cure: Ron Paul and 300 Ron Pauls in the House!

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)