Comment: I have been around illegals aliens all my life,

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I have been around illegals aliens all my life,

and though I don't know about Cubans, most of the Mexicans of today have no desire to become citizens, they just want to take (what they are taught in Mexico) their land back. They come over, have about four or five anchor babies back to back, to get more Lone Star card money (or several cards using different names), so they don't have to work very much unless they want to buy a new car or something. There are some that work every day, who buy new cars and trucks, and their wives still go to the store and buy an over flowing cart full of food for free with their Lone Star card(our tax dollars). So, from what I have seen, they could fund their cost of citizenship if they wanted to, but since, they are getting their free funds and believe they are going to 'take back their land', they have no desire to become Americans.

The only way to solve the problem, is to first really secure the borders. Make a moratorium on all immigration for about 5 years. Next, end the anchor baby process. Then, cut off all the free social services and schooling to those who have no documentation. There is no need for E-verify BS sold by the scam anti-immigration groups tied to the globalist, as those with multiple SS#'s will be targeted for ICE sweeps and fined for those who are undocumented. Those who desire to stay and become Americans must start the process of citizenship within two years of the 5 year moratorium, and will be given a non-duplicated card (can be done without the Big Brother RFID chip with modern technology in printing, with holograms) they must carry or be arrested and deported if they can't produce this card. They must learn how to read and communicate with basic English, in order to conduct normal business transactions. After the 5 yr moratorium, then we can start a 'guest worker' process, who will have cards with RFID chips that must be carried at all times or face immediate deportation if unable to produce any type of documentation. This only occurs after the jobs are unable to be filled by Americans. Americans on wellfare who are able to work, will be appointed to job lists sent into a database by companies. Those who refuse to work, will be cut off from the welfare system and be on their own. It will be advise to all states to pass 'stand your ground' legislation to protect your person, family and property from those who are dropping off welfare and refuse to work, who may become criminals in society. Once, these people learn they might be killed for stealing from the citizenry, they will go to work and get with the program. There will also be an option for those African-Americans who believe they are owed something for their ancestries slavery, a ship will be sanctioned every three months and set to return them to Africa for those who desire to leave with paid bus fare to get them there. This is the way to solve the illegal alien process, and reform the welfare system.