Comment: Shut the front door

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Shut the front door

Iowa is 1/2 done. We still have to elect delegates to the national convention. Yes, I know you say that in your posting, but what that means is we are only half way there. Now, you've told all the non-RP people reading this how well we did. Don't you know how to play poker? If you have a royal flush you don't show everyone your hand to see how awesome it is. This is chess, not checkers! Come on man. Shut the front door!
Now you've outed me and everyone else that worked really hard yesterday. Pull your flippin post down and shut up!
I'm really proud of what we did too. For now, you should just re-post that things are going well in Iowa. If we win the district conventions, but lose the state what good does it do us!
I know you want to pump up the DP community as do I. But goal #1 is to keep this quiet. Please, please, think about that first.