Comment: Hopefully some of you have watched the seminar above.

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Hopefully some of you have watched the seminar above.

I posted the link to part 2 of the seminar that explains the Trust Law aspect of what's happening when you get called to court, but here's the link to Part 1:

It looks like they are labeled as such:

S01 E01 which means "Seminar 1/Episode 1", so you'll want to find the next episode of that seminar, which would be S01 E02, then S01 E03 and so forth, to the end.

NOTE: The judge is immediately "presuming" he's the Executor/Administrator of that case, and you are the "legal fiction" or Trustee, and if you don't immediately let it be known when you walk into court that he/she is the public servant/trustee, they will run with their "presumptions", and that means you are at the sole mercy of the court, and they will fine, imprison, or whatever else they want to do to you that will benefit the Crown/Gov't/UNITED STATES Corp, etc.

Watch the videos and take notes. This is why you can't win a case in court; you don't understand the game of "presumptions", and because of that, you're "presumed" into whatever they feel like doing to you that day.

In Liberty!