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The Humanity is at a precipice.

We not only face a fork in the Road, in terms of which path Human Freedoms & Liberties may take in the next few months: MORE Freedom, or utter ubiquitous Orwellian Post-NDAA/'Patriot'Act police state. But, concurrently, we face the specter of AMAZING life altering, civilization altering, CHEAP 'democratizing' technology, just sitting idle in labs, in garages, right now!

In the aggregate, as daunting and insurmountable the odds may seem at times, human innovation is ALL around us: at the most cost-intensive end (initially) like the Carbon-NanoTubes/Graphenes progress, to the more affordable end like the many 'little' things that are happening at grassroots level, in the spirit of voluntaryist cooperation, regardless of political stripes, when you sit anyone of us down, we all basically want the same: prosperity for us and our loved ones, be free to pursue our own interests at our own discretion at our own time of choosing without having to worry about thugs (be they some scum off the street or some Halloween polyester costume donning State-sanctioned thug), and be more freely cooperative, voluntary consensual of exchange of info, products/goods/services.

Granted, for those of us who feel strongly that both predominant prevailing political bipartisan pigsty may inhibit us from looking at our 'opposition' in such sympathetic light, just remember, even Hitler had 'loved' ones whom he thought he was doing right by them. Er... okay bad example. LOL Just kidding.

But y'all get the gist: good or evil, every human acts based on self-defined self-interests.

Just look at some of the voluntaryist/libertarian de-centralization innovations that are happening all around you, right here, RIGHT NOW!

We can wait until the currency collapse destroy us all and takes everyone down with the sinking ship. Or, begin to familiarize ourselves with current de-centralization efforts that are happening right now, to prepare, or to live just more simply, or off-the grid, successfully, so the term 'prepping' never really enters your vernacular, as it'll simply become your day to day lifestyle and all the 'survivalist' gnosis will simply become no different than knowing how to brush your teeth; it'll forever become part of your own mental repertoire: it'll become part of you.

One of the more awesome advancements have been occurring in the 'at home 3D manufacturing' front.

As I've alluded to above, just like how any tech at the beginning is cost prohibitive, like the gunpowder, once it's out, it's out (sorry gun-grabbers, unless you can 'un-invent' the gunpowder, propellent-powered projectile self-defense systems, aka smallarms/guns, will be here for a long time). So in due time, even as these open source DiY at home 3D printers are making headway, in the not too distant future it's only matter of time before MiM (Metal Injection Molding) process is transformed into 3D 'MiM printing' as well. The format is the same as the current plastic feed, but will simply be able to '3D print' in metal, instead of plastics.

Hell, soon you may even be able to "print" your own house in CONCRETE!!!

Here are some really exciting examples of just what maybe around the corner, or around the corner, NOW, TODAY!

Behold: The MakerBot & Thing-i-verse!!!

MakerBot and the rise of libertarian tech
The open source world of MakerBot & Thingiverse: objects for free

Please check out MakerBot's YouTube page to stay updated.

Even has caught up! Behold: the "Physibles" 3D Printer plans on Torrent networks!

Thanks Candada for the info!

And there's no doubt, for prototyping purposes, instead of ABS plastic which is based on BigOil's petroleum products, they can easily be adopted to use bio-degradable soy or even hemp based plastics in the 3D printer!

While the this video is from a corporatist Bio-Diecsel process, the point is the possibility & existence & the availability of the tech; the tech is sound and would be no different even if a non-corporatist company or individuals pursued it. Because Soy plastic, is soy plastic!

At the slightly more expensive industrial spectrum, there is Zcorp's advanced rapid-prototyping 3D Printer. The sheer level of tech that is available to potentially free us, today, and FOREVER, that's right here, RIGHT NOW, is simply astounding!

While Ms. Kirsten Dirksen's has a seemingly liberal bent, nevertheless the website is a wealth of info on simplified DiY, off-the-grid, and budget sustainable living and permaculture.

Just think, if we can get rid of all these useless political labels (moi, guilty of using it as well), how much the 'prepper' community as well as voluntaryists have in common with the liberal 'sustainability' crowd, as long as they realize that the UN.Agenda21 are being pushed forth by the very corporatists like the MonSATAN & BigOil of the world.

We didn't put on the political blinders, the Ruling Class did. So why not deal with each other, without the Ruling Class's sycophantic commissars/middlemen?

The Future is ALREADY HERE, Right here, RIGHT NOW!

If 3D printer on the cheap weren't cool enough, how about a "Shake 'N Bake" voluntaryist permaculture?

All these techs are enough to RE-start civilization, if need be!

Do we live in perilous, as well as absolutely amazing time, or what?

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul