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I went to the rally and was really inspired. I couldn't believe there was 10,000 people there in the downpour and during a Flyers clinching playoff series game. About half the crowd was under 30 and all types of people were there. Larry L - look at Romney's speeches and your comments fit him better. The reference to overthrowing an empire made a lot of sense. The US today is very similar to the old British empire- troops all over the world to the point of bankrupting each nation (US almost there). Personal liberty also means personal responsibility - including those corporations & banks that in the current environment get way with murder (literally sometimes).
I still can't figure out why some people don't like his policies - End the wars, end the fed, end the government interference in our lives and balance the budget. And I would much give my money to the Salvation Army or other charities help people, then to the government,