Comment: This is as about a most important question...

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This is as about a most important question...

The activity that consumes much of my day has to do with the "sides ventures" which you wrote about above.

That activity is based on the power of thought and how thoughts affect others. Now some may call prayer a most important activity which actually has been proven scientifically to CHANGE or benefit others.

This is what I do alot. I focus my thoughts on ideas such as love and gratitude and send those thoughts to, as an example, Ron Paul and entiretrie family naming names like Carol, Ronnie, Rand, etc.

Now, we beleive that all people are good and that some of our brothers and sisters are misled as Mitt Romney. I send Mitt and his family, by names or relationships the love and gratitude.

Further, Love and Gratitude has been proven to affect bodies of water and it is well known that human bodies contain approximately 80 percent water...this projection of love and gratitude sent to people has a very beneficial effect not only on the person receiving this focused thought, but also on the person sending it. It has the effect of sending LIGHT, and this LIGHT has been photographed on plates and appears as beautiful objects...

This is why I ask people to always send out their LIGHT to others since it actually has been shown to HEAL or promote healing. Mitt Romney and all those in our Government ought to receive this Light.

Arnt' you glad you asked? :)

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate