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I agree with you, it seems

I agree with you, it seems like a long shot, but I'm thinking this is really a new era for American politics, television is slightly less important, and the internet is magnitudes more important than ever. I think Dr. Paul has a good chance if "we the people" make it happen. Everyone's big concern here it seems (myself included) is the lack of communication coming out of the Ron Paul camp - we don't even seem to know that he is in fact running? We all want to see some sort of serious commitment before we go full steam ahead. Perhaps he is working on a website or something else that has to be finished before he makes the big announcement? Who knows - but one thing he should learn right away is that communication is critical. Why ? He needed a website to "explore"?? Come on. Then you have the fact that is some unfinished site for some consultant not at all related...