Comment: also got a Romney call

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also got a Romney call

usually I hang up. But I stayed on and listened to her. I agreed that Obama should not have another term. But I said one thing that stops me from giving to Romney is what he did to the dog.

She said "what about a dog"

I said, you know, when he put the dog on a carrier on top of his car, and traveled from Mass. to Canada. And when the dog, got sick, he just hosed the dog down and continued his trip.
I said, if he didn't care about his own dog, I am not sure that he would take care of the people that vote for him.

She said, I didn't know that.

And I talked to her about NDAA, and the Federal Reserve never being audited. And the Federal Reserve influences the media, which is why many people don't know about Ron Paul.
She thanked me and said I was nicer than most people she talked to. She said most people hang up.