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I used to have similar ideas

I used to have similar ideas as OWS but then gradually realized that Government, as the seat of power, was a target of corporations and that that was a much bigger problem than the corporations themselves. Due to that I have an unique perspective and see that there really is not that much daylight between OWS and Ron Pauls positions. OWS has made the mistake of going after the symptom (corporations) and ignoring the diseased cause (Government). It is not an uncommon mistake, Dr.s do it all the time. Since California is not going to become a Conservative bastion anytime soon nor is Texas going to be starting a public run healthcare system, focusing both sides on states rights would be a good compromise for both sides. They can have state banks and texas can have lower taxes. Giving rights to states gives them both the ability to compete and prove through "free market principles", based on population growth or loss, debt, taxes, etc.. who's ideas work better instead of accepting whatever the Feds proclaim. Either that or keep trying to control each other while nothing changes and the sitting Government continues bankrupting the country with endless wars, debt and inflation. As Ron Paul always says "freedom brings people together." I know it is very unlikely it would ever happen because getting the OWS to agree on anything is like herding cats and states rights is probably taboo but leaving the door open for those that want states rights and/or to end the fed is a good idea.