Comment: Romney campaign call.....

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Romney campaign call.....

Nice posts. Thanks!

So, I'll say... "I don't know, what can you tell me about Mr. Romney?"

"I thought someone named Paul is beating Mr. Romney?"

"Isn't this Paul person also beating Obama?"

"Who's this Paul person the Romneys are voting for? What can you tell me about HIM?"

"If Mr. Romney is saying Dr. Paul is what this country needs now, shouldn't we vote for Dr. Paul, too?!"

"Mr. Romney has a lot of money! Why would he want my last few dollars? What would HE do with them? Wouldn't he rather I spend the money on food so I can have strength to vote for that guy, the doctor?"

"This is confusing. Shouldn't you be collecting donations for that Dr? What's his name again? Do you all know about him?"