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Comment: Implementation of HR 347, but in Spain! Borders will be closed.

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Implementation of HR 347, but in Spain! Borders will be closed.

[Coming soon to a city, county, state, or country that you live in.]
April 23, 2012, 2:37 p.m. ET
Spain To Impose Border Checks To Prevent ECB Summit Disruption
MADRID (Dow Jones)--Spain said Monday it will impose border checks as it seeks to limit public disorder during a European Central Bank meeting in Barcelona next week.

Spain's Interior Ministry believes the border checks could help prevent antiausterity activists from disrupting the ECB's governing council meeting on May 3.

The temporary border checks involves suspending the EU's Schengen treaty, which allows passport-free travel within most of the European Union.

The treaty suspension will last for 7 days, starting on April 28 and ending May 4. Spain will impose border checks at its Barcelona and Girona airports alongside five points of entry between France and Spain.

Such suspension is allowed under the Schengen treaty in case of a "serious threat to public order or internal security."

On March 29, violence flared in a series of small clashes between police and protesters during a general strike in Spain that affected the country's transportation systems and resulted in factory shutdowns.

-By Alex MacDonald