Comment: You all do know that John

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You all do know that John

You all do know that John Holdren, Obama's Science Czar has held these views since at least 1973. He believes that infants should be able to be terminated up-to 2 years of age. He is a firm believer in forced abortion, and population control. This stuff has been discussed since the 70's, in academia, here in the U.S. and it continues to spread. Check out his book Ecoscience; but be-warned, it is a textbook, so you might take it out of context. At least that is what he and the other two authors used as an excuse when confronted about the views found in that book, and other books by Holdren -"it's a textbook, and as such you're misrepresenting it and taking it out of context."

Oh, and speaking of Obama's Czars you should really read Cass Sunstein's book Nudge, if you want to see how they are truly manipulating people.