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Well, to begin with:

The birth certificate was brought on by fraud by having the unknowing mother sign using her maiden name to give them legal authority to take ownership of the child by "splitting the title" and sending back a copy that you adopted as your identity from an early age, and used that birth certificate to get you into other adhesion contracts like the drivers license, and use that birth certificate "legal fiction" name as a form of identity to punish/control you with by way of trickery and deceit, and therefor use their statutory laws that are only meant for "them" to control you with.

Do you see anything wrong with that?

Did anyone tell you the sinister plan (fraud) was meant to enslave you and you had a choice to not file the certificate? Did anyone tell us in school that we really didn't have to have a drivers license, and if you did get one, you may be seen as an acting foreign gov't agent when you present it to an officer?

Did they tell you up front and honestly that the SS card was another fraud to entrap you when you signed for it?

It may not have been mandatory, but it sure as hell wasn't packaged that way, and the law marches forward on intent.

What was their "intent" when presenting you/educating you with the facts of signing into these contracts?

The intent was "slavery".

You can't get a drivers license without a birth certificate; you can't get a ss card without it, you can't do anything without admitting you're that "legal fiction" name on that document which binds you by contract to their slave racket.