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Californians Can't Take Any More Taxes!

Lori Brem, I suggest you and your thieving cronies begin raising private funding for "research" to cure cancer, because Californians are wising up to the endless tax-and-spend schemes with the zero deliverables for their confiscated dollars. Your Prop will fail on June 5! All the American Cancer Society cares about is MONEY. The proof is in how they spend their money (inflated salaries for staffers) and their time (lobbying for more money to pay more lobbyists.) Cancer "treatment" makes LOADS of money for Big Pharma. The money cycles right back around to the fake societies For The Cure. Natural cures and cancer prevention cannot make anyone nearly as rich as cell-killing chemo does. Take off your blinders, woman. I prescribe an hour of sun a day without sunblock and a diet rich in organic blueberries and raw cacao. You'll snap out of it.

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