Comment: I was significantly underwhelmed

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I was significantly underwhelmed

by the turnout of voters in my District 4. I handed out delegate cards at 3 different polls in York, PA and I was surprised to never ONCE see someone with a Ron Paul bumper sticker on their car, hat, t-shirt, etc. I was expecting a lot more to show up, thinking the Romney voters would consider it in the bag and not show. Instead I was discouraged to see a slow trickle of retired grandparents all day who were likely to vote for who the Old News told them to vote for. Voter turnout was atrocious.

I'm not convinced the polls were rigged, at least in my district, for that reason. With that said, we simply have to have Ron Paul elected. I'm not giving up my fight for liberty and am at least glad I could open the eyes of some family and friends along the way!