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Just a couple ideas:

1. NEVER give up or let the bastards grind you down, freedom will ALWAYS win, make sure you are there when it does! We are gonna have a good time stretching those necks!!

2. Don't waste effort or mental energy. Do today those things that make the most impact. In states where it matters. Door to door sounds good but I can call 400 people before you get off your block. Not a complaint or criticism, just opinion. But don't forget: we must always be DOING SOMETHING!!!!

3. Has nobody noticed how much Romney sounds like "Zombie" ? There are way too many cult fans out there to not be seeing some good graphics here!!!

4. We ARE winning, have NO doubt!

5. I'm without computer right now but how about a website that we can pledge to vote for no other candidate but "honest Ron" so the sheer numbers of our rEVOLution can be counted? I think it would go like wild fire. If done right, verifiable, and auditable, could it not possibly outmaneuver the voting machines? It would be easier to get people to make an online pledge than to physically jump through estBlishment hoops and "vote" How about an online "VOTING" revolution? Just a thought.

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.