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"it feels like we've constantly packaged our message throughout this campaign to make it more available to tow-the-line Republicans."

Well...isn't that the point? Yes, I know this is bigger than Ron Paul, etc. but if we're trying to get the man in office, it only stands to reason that we try and find the best way to 'sell' Constitutional ideas to rank and file GOP people.

Take your point about Israel, for example. Try wording it that way while talking to a group of evangelicals and you'll turn them off immediately-- and perhaps for good (even if it is the plain truth). I agree that it's borderline treasonous to always put Israel first, but the average American will call you a Nazi and/or anti-"semite" for it --the usual stuff whenever it's brought up, and the person you're trying to talk with will have likely tuned you out. So, why not talk to them in *their* language, if it helps achieve *your* goal?

Just as tyranny has been incrementalized, so must liberty. Most people are only comfortable taking baby steps when it comes to changing their worldview, and will retreat if another comes on too strong, or even words something 'incorrectly' It sucks, and it's illogical, but it's also how it usually goes.

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